Monday, January 23, 2012

Well that was too short of a weekend..

I had all of the intentions of getting more stitching in; but between my computer gaming hobby, schoolwork and just family obligations, they all conspired to keep me away from stitching more. We also have had only a week with our new furry member in our house(our new gerbil Khaki) and making sure he's happy and satisfied entailed a pet store run for chew toys as well. Hopefully the routine will be calmed down for the next hermit weekend though that is either the weekend of my birthday or the next one after it.

Anyway after roughly 2.5 hours over the weekend and another 2 during our CSC stitchathon during the week; here's the latest update of L*K ABC Christmas. Hopefully by the full moon Wipocalypse check in for February, this will be done or just some white stitches left.