Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sorry I haven't been around

Life after February or March got way out of whack and it has taken this long to get back in somewhat a state of balance. I haven't picked up a needle since about mid March. I plan to pick it up again here over the next couple of weeks and over the olympics. I'll probably do a few sprints since I have a couple that are close and then I plan to pull out a big piece I think and go back and frog it because I'm off just like 5 stitches but I can't fudge it to make it work. It is a huge piece that I plan to give away to my parents but I might stitch it again myself because I like it so much and I have a similar piece that matches out that I plan to do. Anyway no pics since I haven't touched it but will get ones in a bit once I add more.