Thursday, January 19, 2012

I've joined up another kind of challenge....I needed a boost and jump after not being able or having time to stitch in the past couple of years. This one is the International Hermit and Stitch weekend. ( see the button on my sidebar). This one is from a gal by the handle/name of Joysze. Here's her blog location

Here's the basics for this one:

her·mit (noun)
1. a person who has withdrawn to a solitary place for a life of religious seclusion.
2. any person living in seclusion; recluse.
3. Zoology: an animal of solitary habits. (ex. hermit crab)
4. Ornithology: any of numerous hummingbirds of the genera Glaucis and Phaethornis.
5. a spiced molasses cookie often containing raisins or nuts.
6. a person, who for one weekend a month, puts aside time to stitch in seclusion, with the knowledge that elsewhere in the world, others are doing the same.

Ok… So I added #6. LOL!!!

International Hermit and Stitch Weekend takes place every 3rd weekend of each month. In our very busy and hectic lives, IHSW is a chance for us to squirrel some time away for ourselves and "Hermit and Stitch." It is a time set aside to take care of us and our love for stitching.

Imagine this scenario:
You, in your favorite stitching spot, cuddled up with your current WIP or a new start, with some music or tv in the background, stitching to your heart’s content, with nary a care in the world. You feel the excitement bloom as single color stitches begin to take the shape of a leaf, a flower petal, the folds of a skirt, the wing of a butterfly, the ear of an ox … (LOL!!!)

The rules are simple:

1. A sign up list will be posted on this blog at the beginning of each IHSW week. Please ensure that your blog address is correct when you sign up as this is the link that will lead other stitchers there.

2. Because of international time zones, the weekend is loosely set to start on your Friday and end on your Sunday night.

3. You can stitch as much or as little as your time permits, on whatever you like, and however you like.

4. You can stitch as many different projects as you like.

5. Post pictures of your weekend on your blog the following Monday (or Tuesday).

6. The sign up list will be in a new post on my blog on the Monday (Eastern Standard Time) following each IHSW weekend.

7. Visit each other's blogs and if you're so inclined, leave a comment. These are always appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a set amount of time I have to stitch to take part?
No. You can stitch as little or as much as you want.

Do I have to kick my husband and kids out of the house?
No... unless you want to. In that case, you can tell them it’s part of the IHSW rules. Just don’t give them my email address. ;)

I'm not sure if I'll be able to stitch much, if at all, this weekend. Should I sign up?
A resounding "YES!!" Even if you only get a few stitches in, that's a few stitches closer to your finish. Furthermore, it gives other stitchers and new hermitters a chance to check out your blog. :)

Can I invite other people to join IHSW?
Of course! The more the merrier. :D It would be great if you'd like to promote this on your blogs. Just direct them back to sign up post for each respective month. Also, feel free to display the IHSW button on your blogs. Just copy and paste the HTML located on the sidebar.

Does joining IHSW mean I can't blog that weekend?
No. By all means, blog as much or as little as you'd like. If you blogged over the weekend, it just means that fellow hermitters and other visitors will have more to read, and that's always a good thing. :)

Doesn't the word "hermit" mean solidarity? How can we all hermit at the same time?
In essence, we are hermitting alone, since we do not have the physical company of another stitcher. ;)

What if I don't have a blog? Can I still join?
Of course you can. Just be sure to include link to your WIPs. Of course, we'd love for you to start a blog... it makes stalking following you that much easier.

Do I need to stay in all weekend?
No, you don't. In fact, if you had to go out every day of the weekend, that's ok too. Cos when you're home, you'll be hermitting and stitching. ;)

I have homework and a few other things going on for the weekend but plan to spend some time at least stitching, especially since Saturday morning is supposed to be bad.

I hope to get my L*K ABC Christmas close to being done if not done...probably just the white stuff filled in on all the letters. We will see though, lot depends on the amount of time I get to stitch

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