Sunday, January 7, 2018

Starting over yet again (WIPocalpse 2018)

2017 and into 2018 was/is a period of starting over yet again. So this blog becomes another in the line of re-starts in my personal life. My biggest goal is to stitch on a consistent basis on my many projects both not yet started and ones I have going.

Projects I'd like to get thru (top 3 and maybe 5) or touch this year:

1. at least 1 round of ornaments for my family and friends
2. Finish L*K ornaments
3. Finish L*K mystery Christmas from 2 years ago
4. Santas
5. Love with Capital L
6. Gift of Peace
7. Apache wedding

Think that is a nice start and if I get mojo and bug back, then more might even happen too!

Wish me luck!

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