Monday, January 21, 2013

IHSW- January 2013 post

I don't have a before picture as there was only like 10-15 stitches in it before the weekend; but the picture above is after the IHSW weekend stitch time that I could get between a major family issue that came up. This is the Blue Santa referred to in the Turtle trot SAL also.


  1. Oh, I really like him. I much prefer non-red & white Santas. And you are off to a great start.

  2. Hello

    I found you through IHSW.
    Your Santa start is lovely, such a change from the normal red and white.

  3. Thank you both Bea and Meg!

    My mother did these for my aunt and they looked good so she passed the patterns to me. The red one I refer to is also by the same designer (vermillion stitchery) but is listed as brown fir but it has a bunch of red in it. This seems like it will move once I sit down with it but I will be starting another class soon.

  4. What a great Santa! I look forward to seeing him stitched.

  5. Wonderful Santa, cant wait to see him grow